Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Preeworkout cycle for?
It is intended for anyone who is not fit and starts with exercise or is overweight and must start with exercise more carefully.
I feel like I’ve gained weight since starting BodyBoss, what does it mean?
Using weight as the sole indicator of your progress may not be the most accurate way because muscles weigh more than fat. Moximal helps you tone up and build muscles that increase your metabolic rate and help you burn more calories. Therefore as an alternative to simply weighing yourself, we suggest taking into account your body metrics such as tummy and thigh circumference. Fill in your details on your page of the Tone Guide before starting Moximal to track your progress!
How do I make sure I take accurate body measurements?
Taking your own body measurements can be tricky, so we recommend having a (good) friend help you out with this. The best way of taking measurements is to use an inelastic, flexible measuring tape and to take the same measurement multiple times before taking the mean of all of the values.
Why are you calling it "early access"?